WMP Tag Plus 1.2

by admin February 19, 2010 at 10:08 pm

WMP Tag Plus is a free Windows Media Player plug-in that adds support for reading and writing tags (metadata) of MPEG4, FLAC, Vorbis and WavPack files.

After installing WMP Tag Plus, MPEG4, FLAC, Vorbis and WavPack files will be added to the WMP library, together with the tags that they contain. When you edit their tags in the library, the changes will be saved back to the files too. With this plug-in, using files of these formats in WMP becomes completely seamless, you probably won’t even notice the difference with the default supported formats such as MP3 or Windows Media Audio! For example, WMP Tag Plus allows you to use WMP’s Advanced Tag Editor to edit the tags of MPEG4, FLAC, Vorbis and WavPack files, something that wasn’t possible with older tag support plug-ins for WMP.

Another problem with these older plug-ins was that they didn’t read the track length of files of the new formats, and that you usually couldn’t seek such files while they were playing. WMP Tag Plus addresses both of these issues.

Please bear in mind that WMP Tag Plus only adds metadata support, and that the following additional packages might need to be installed to enable WMP to play the new formats:

• FLAC and Vorbis: the Xiph.org DirectShow filters
• MPEG4: Haali’s Media Splitter together with FFDShow
• WavPack: the DirectShow filter at the official WavPack website

The plug-in is written for Windows Media Player 11 or higher.

Download: WMP Tag Plus 1.2