Woize 2.6 Beta

by admin August 15, 2006 at 11:16 pm

Woize is a digital telephony service currently targeted to private customers who want lower calling costs. The Woize application allows a Woize user to make and receive phone calls over the Internet. All the user needs is a broadband network connection (DSL or better) and a PC with a Windows operating system and Woize application installed on it.

Woize offers calls to regular landline and cellular phones anywhere in the world at ultra low rates. Calling other Woize users to their computer is absolutely free.

Woize also provides its users with various value-added services such as instant messaging, file transfers, voice mail, caller ID displaying and call forwarding.

Woize provides you with a free phone number that can be called from anywhere in the world and that you can use for calling ordinary phones at incredibly low rates.

Download: Woize 2.6 Beta Windows 2000/XP