x64 Components 3.0.2

by admin August 17, 2011 at 12:10 am

x64 Components addon (100% free) – This release contains x64 versions of the Haali media splitters
and a stable release of the subtitle render, DirectVobSub for x64

MKV playback is fully supported in x64 Media Center on all versions of Windows.

To play FLAC audio in x64 Media Center you must initially select the x64 WMP as the default player.
For Windows 7 users, this can be set back to the 32bit player without losing the x64 FLAC codec support.

With x64 Components installed, you will be able to use any videoplayer to play any video filetype such as quicktime, realmedia, avi, mpg etc. Streaming video can be played within web browsers. By default, you shouldn’t need to make any adjustments to enjoy playback immediately. There are 15 shortcuts accessible through the startmenu under a single link, ‘Filter and Codec Pack’, for the setup and configuration of all that is installed. It does not contain a media player and does not associates filetypes. These components are tested on Vista Ultimate x64 Edition.

This release will not install on a x86 systems.

Download: Vista Codec x64 Components 3.0.2 | x64 Components Beta

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