Xenorate Codec Pack 1.1

by admin July 1, 2009 at 6:42 pm

Xenorate Codec Pack is a free codec pack which includes all required codecs to play almost every media format out there.

It also enforces that only xenorate can use this codecs, because we do not want to disturb any other installed directshow applications.

Codec pack features

Core filters:
• FFDShow Audio & Video Decoder (Own build from ffdshow-tryout)

Contains tons of video & audio codecs out-of-the-box:

H.264/AVC1, XvID, DivX, MPEG-4, Sorenson, Flash Video, Theora, …
MPEG Layer 1-3, AC3, DTS, AAC, FLAC, True Audio, Vorbis, AMR, WMA, Real Audio, …

• Haali Media Splitter

Source filter for the following formats:
 Ã‚· MPEG-4 (MP4)
 Ã‚· Matroska (MKV)
 Ã‚· Ogg Media (OGM)
 Ã‚· Transport Stream (TS)
 Ã‚· AVI

Including support for dynamic stream switching.

• DirectVobSub (VSFilter)

Supports the following subtitle formats:

Used for loading internal & external subtitles.

DVD/MPEG-2 filters:
• MPV Decoder

Free mpeg-2 video decoder for playing dvds.

Addon filters:
• Realmedia Splitter

Source filter for reading realmedia files.
• BeRo Tracker Source

Supports the following audio formats:

 Ã‚· ProTracker (*.mod)
 Ã‚· ScreamTracker 3 (*.s3m)
 Ã‚· FastTracker 2 (*.xm)
 Ã‚· ImpulseTracker (*.it)
 Ã‚· Imago Orpheus (*.imf)
 Ã‚· MadTracker 2 (*.mt2)
 Ã‚· BeRoTracker (*.brt)
 Ã‚· 669 Composer (*.669)
 Ã‚· ScreamTracker (*.stm)
 Ã‚· MultiTracker (*.mtm)
 Ã‚· Oktalyzer (*.okt)
 Ã‚· Mod’#39’s Gave/Grave Composer (*.wow)

• RAD Game Tools Splitter

Source filter for reading game video formats:
 Ã‚· Bink (*.bik)
 Ã‚· Smacker (*.smk)

• CDXA Reader

Filter for reading Video & Super Video CDs.

• MPEG Splitter

A better MPEG replacement filter for the default Quartz MPEG Splitter.

• FLV Splitter

Source filter for FLV (Youtube/Flash video) files.

Download: Xenorate Codec Pack 1.1