XMLPad 3.0.2

by admin December 7, 2007 at 1:02 pm

XMLPad provides a comprehensive visual XML development environment. The tool set includes components for building DTDs and XML.

The following XML tools are available:
— The XML editor is a tool for creating and viewing XML files. You can use it to create new XML files, either from scratch or existing DTDs located locally or remotely. You can also use it to edit XML files, associate them with DTDs and validate them.
— The DTD editor is a tool for creating and viewing DTDs. Using the DTD editor, you can create DTDs and generate sample XMLs.
— You can use the XPath expression wizard to create XPath expressions. XPath expressions can be used to search through XML documents, extracting information from the nodes (such as an element or attribute).
— You can use the XSL transformation tool to apply XSL files to XML files, transforming them into new XML, HTML, or text files.

XMLPad’s Editor features included:
— powerful XML and DTD editor with color syntax highlighting, line numbers, element range navigation and context-dependent code-completing wizard;
— editing the DTD and XML using the tree and properties views, synchronized with the regular editor navigation;
— editing XML using state of the art Grid View and preview in the built-in browser window;
— preview the DTD schema in graphical Diagram window;
— on-demand and online validation for DTD schema and XML files against the underlying DTD schemas;
— auto-formatting the document.

Download: XMLPad 3.0.2