Yahoo Buzz Sets The Bee Free Tonight

by admin August 19, 2008 at 5:35 pm

Yahoo’s Digg-like service, Buzz, will be opening up to public contributors as of 7 p.m. PDT tonight. Since the service’s launch in February, only a select 400 publishers could add new links to Buzz.

With so many submitting and rating sites out there, including the mighty Digg, Yahoo Buzz has a few advantages up its sleeve. Besides using the links submitted by contributors, Buzz’s algorithms take into account search engine popularity, feeding the most popular stories to Yahoo’s home page.

Making it to Yahoo’s home page and getting server-melting traffic will likely create a new frenzy among Web traffic manipulators who are already pushing their luck with Digg and AOL’s Propeller. Buzz wants to avoid this kind of exploitation by adding editorial discretion when determining headlines.

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