Yahoo Debuts Advice Column

by admin May 1, 2006 at 5:08 pm

In a play for more eyeballs, Yahoo today announced Yahoo Tech, which delivers tech-purchasing advice for information-seeking consumers.

The site will feature licensed and original content aimed at consumers looking to buy new gadgets and technology, according to a statement.

Companies are spending more on advertising across the Internet, but content that offers advice on what’s best to buy will always get attention from those who are selling.

In addition to licensed content from Consumer Reports, the Dummies brand, PC World, CNET, and PC magazine, the site will feature a set of Tech Advisors.

Like professional wrestlers, each advisor will embrace a persona. There will be “The Mom,” the “Techie Diva,” “The Working Guy,” and “the Boomer.” The characterizations should help advertisers know where to put their market-specific banner ads. No word on theme music.

Yahoo Tech crystallizes the differences between Yahoo and its biggest competitor for Internet advertising dollars: Google.

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