Yahoo Mail Extends Its E-mail Domain With Ymail And Rocketmail

by admin June 19, 2008 at 1:34 pm

Yahoo will introduce two new e-mail domains for its users. The new domains, Ymail and Rocketmail, will be available sometimes during Thursday.

Yahoo officials said that due to the growing number of users, creating a name for an e-mail account on Yahoo Mail has become quite a complicated task.

Instead of simple e-mail addresses like , the users should use various combinations. In order to ease the life of its customers, Yahoo has decided to expand the domain names of its free webmail.

The name Rocketmail was acquired by Yahoo in 1997 when the company bought Four11, which was Hotmail’s main competitor. Unveiled later that year, Yahoo Mail was based on Rocketmail engine.

The users of Rocketmail have kept their e-mail accounts after the acquisition, but Yahoo has blocked the new sign-ups. Ymail is a domain that is already well-known for the users of Yahoo Mobile services.

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