Yawet 0.4

by admin November 21, 2006 at 8:37 am

Yawet is a tool for automatic testing of web applications and complex homepages. If you know HtmlUnit, then think of Yawet as a grafical front end for HtmlUnit. It allows you to create, run and debug test cases without programming. Yawet offers the following features:

?¢‚Äî?† Graphical creation of web application tests
?¢‚Äî?† Verification of HTML documents
?¢‚Äî?† Verification of PDF documents
?¢‚Äî?† Verification of XML documents
?¢‚Äî?† Parametrisation
?¢‚Äî?† Reusable libraries
?¢‚Äî?† Huge tests (100’000 steps) possible
?¢‚Äî?† testing of multiple browser windows and frames
?¢‚Äî?† use of external browsers
?¢‚Äî?† Console mode
?¢‚Äî?† Project files in xml format
?¢‚Äî?† Integrated html tree parsing
?¢‚Äî?† Log and report generation
?¢‚Äî?† Extendable with Java
?¢‚Äî?† Freeware
?¢‚Äî?† Easy to use

Download: Yawet 0.4