Yes, China Is Spying On Skype Conversations

by admin October 2, 2008 at 9:24 pm

Remember how Skype was supposed to be “untappable” due to end-to-end encryption? Well, we’ve already seen that’s not true, thanks to leaks that showed the German government had figured out ways to tap Skype, and it will probably come as no surprise to many that China has been tapping and storing Skype conversations. Some of the findings of this report are not new. Back in 2005, reports came out that various Chinese telecoms were investing in special “filters” for Skype that would block conversations using certain keywords. But, of course, it seemed rather obvious that if they were blocking those keywords, they would also use them to spy on what people were talking about. Besides, if the telecoms didn’t filter or record Skype, the Chinese government made it clear that it would block the use of Skype altogether.

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