Younicate 0.8 Beta

by admin August 30, 2007 at 7:49 pm

Younicate is an extension to the Windows Vista OS speech recognition system, giving users full control over the computer when talking to it. Younicate has been optimized to open websites, play music, play movies, execute software, and even browse the web without clicking nor typing. With younicate, we may believe in an eventual world where the interaction between a user and a computer is mainly based on just asking things to the computer.

Now imagine, selecting your songs by saying it’s name or band, switching to a movie to relax on without even getting up from the couch to search for it. All of this is now possible with Younicate. On top of this, one truly revolutionary function is still being tested, and it’s called Vocal Browsing. This allows you to browse the web by just saying at most the first 2 words from any link. It is currently possible to browse 95% of the websites without a mouse nor a keyboard.

Download: Younicate 0.8 Beta