YouTube challenger offers to pay for video

by admin July 4, 2006 at 4:37 am

A new video-sharing site is offering videographers a share of the advertising dollars that their movies generate, at a time when most video-sharing sites are just trying to eke out a profit.

“The authors of Internet content should be paid for their work and not have it exploited for others’ gain,” said a note posted Monday at, a site that is still in test mode. “We will send you a percentage of our site revenue via an electronic transfer each month, depending on how well your content has performed.”

The latest challenger to video-upload powerhouse YouTube, Eefoof arrives at a time when more than 150 such companies are trying to figure out how to make money by hosting homemade movies on the Web.

More than a year since its founding, YouTube has not yet fully disclosed what its revenue model will be. Other video-sharing companies, such as Guba, say they are profitable but aren’t generating much cash. Guba expects to see $12 million in sales this year, according to Thomas McInerney, the company’s CEO.

Full story: CNET