YouTube Monetization: Let Users Sell Ads

by admin June 9, 2008 at 5:04 pm

Partner Program not working out? NewTeeVee reports that YouTube will begin allowing content creators to sell their own ads, with the Google-owned video property taking a cut. The YouTube Partner Program, which gives top producers on the site a slice of ad revenue, opened to all last December. Now, at least one major content creator — Revision3 — is already handling some of their own ad inventory on YouTube, according to Advertising Age, and the plan is apparently to extend that option to other top producers.

In April, Google CEO Eric Schmidt promised new ways to monetize YouTube. “We believe the best products are coming out this year,” he said. “And they’re new products. They’re not announced. They’re not just putting in-line ads in the things that people are trying.” Is letting users sell their own ad inventory the first of those new advertising products?

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