ySync 1.1.30

by admin May 17, 2007 at 12:05 pm

ySync is a backup tool which will synchronise folders. It also has a command line interface and will use variables in the destination folder name to generate regular sets of backups. (See the examples in the help file included with the software.)

You can use the ySync user interface to pick source and destination folders, then click the Copy or Sync button. If you click Copy all new and changed files and folders will be copied into the destination folder. If you choose Sync the program will do another pass afterwards to remove stale files – those which are no longer present in the source folder. Using Sync, you will end up with an exact duplicate of the source folder. (If you don’t know why that’s a desirable feature, you don’t need ySync – just use XCopy.)

ySync is even more useful as a command line tool. You can specify destination folders using variables (e.g. %DAY% for the day of the week, %YEAR% for the year), allowing you to keep incremental backups.

You can also specify a cutoff date and only back up files created or modified after that date.

Download: ySync 1.1.30