zFTPServer Suite 3.3

by admin April 15, 2008 at 5:16 pm

zFTPServer is a small and easy to use FTP server with a lot of interesting and usefull features:

· Virtual filesystem: Possible to mount any disk drive or directories anywhere within the home directory of a user or group.
· SSL/TLS support: Very strong encryption support (up to 256 bits AES).
· Automatic updates: The server will update automatically (or just notify) when a new version is available (optional).
· Scripting friendly: The server can be controlled through a standard TCP/IP connection, making scripts very easy to develop (e.g. creating new accounts through php).
· Remote administration: The server and graphical user interface is separated which easily enables remote maintenance of the server.
· UTF-8: The server can switch to UTF-8 mode to allow special (multibyte) characters.
· Being a system service: Built in WindowsNT / 2000 / XP / 2003 service support.
· Ultrafast transfer speed: More than 11MByte/sec. average on 100MBit LAN, outperformes most of the “famous” windows ftp servers.
· Passive mode host / ip option: Ability to specify a host name for a server with dynamic ip adress to use in passive mode, e.g. myserver.no-ip.com
· Powerful user and group account management: Users and Groups may join multiple number of groups simultaneously.
· Support for upload balancing: With the virtual filesystem users’ uploads may end up where there is space.
· Advanced IP-Access management: Access rights with respect to ip adresses or domain names may be specified, granting or denying access from specific locations.
· Advanced Account expiration: Accounts can be expired after a specific criteria has been fullfilled. Criterias include expiration after a specific date, after a specified number of days/weeks/months has passed, number of downloads performed and more.
· Anti-Hammering: The server can automatically detect and block multiple attempts to connect that for instance try to brute force passwords.
· Multiple language interface: zFTPServer Suite is currently available in English, Swedish, Italian, Traditional Chinese, Portuguese, Slovak, Hungarian, German, French…
· It’s FREE for both personal and commercial use

Download: zFTPServer Suite 3.3