ZippHO 3.0.6

by admin September 1, 2006 at 11:12 am

ZippHO is an easy to use file archiver

In order to open a compressed file, you simply double click (or a single click if you have Active Desktop enabled) on one of the archives listed in My Computer or Windows Explorer; or you can drag and drop the archive on the empty window of ZippH, or still, you can use the dialogue window “Open”. In the main window of ZippHO are listed file name, file size and date/time of all files included in the open archive. It is possible to sort this list for any column.Double clicking on any file listed in the main window of ZippHO, you have the same effect that you may obtain in File Manager or Windows Explorer: the files are extracted from the archive and, if it is a executable, it will be run, otherwise it will be opened from the application associated to it (as an example, NotePad for TXT files), being based on the associations recorded in Windows. If the file is not associated to any programs, you can try to see it with the internal viewer of ZippH .

Automatic installation of the greater part of the applications distributed in ZIP files: if a ZIP archive contains a setup. exe or ‘install. exe’ file in the main folder, ZippHO It will extract automatically all the necessary files from the archive (into a temporary folder), it will perform the installation program and, at the conclusion, it will eliminate any utilised files from the temporary folder.

Self-extracting file creation: The self-extract files are the ideal for distributing compressed files to users that not have (or do not know how to use) programs for file de-compression.

It is completely supported the interface Drag and Drop of Windows: You can drag and drop to/from Explorer, or zip and unzip without leaving Explorer. ZippHO includes tight integration with My Computer and Windows Explorer. You can use ZippHO’s repair tool too

ZippHO contains a very useful Multi-Extract tool to fix broken or corrupted ZIP archives

Windows shell integration: , You may choose whether associate compressed files to ZippHO.

Favorite folder: Favorite Folders is useful tool for people that like to organize their archives. It displays all archives in your most commonly used folders, called Favorites. That way you can easily browse through all of your archives, even if they are located in different folders and drives.
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Download: ZippHO 3.0.6