ZoiPPE 1.0

by admin March 1, 2007 at 1:09 pm

ZoiPPE is about staying in touch with friends anytime, anywhere. With ZoiPPE you can keep up to date with your friends in every imaginable way, all from the comfort of your computer with just a mouse click. You can call your friends from your PC to their PC and talk for hours, send instant messages and emails for free! Even if they are not at their PCs, you can still call them on their mobile phones or fixed line telephones with ZoiPPE Out at super affordable rates! If you prefer, you can also send SMS to mobile phones anywhere in the world.

ZoiPPE is the first with an innovative interface known as Magic Message Square (MMS) which allows users to switch from making PC to PC calls to sending instant messaging, SMS, emails or simply calling to a fixed or mobile line. MMS makes ZoiPPE the easiest and most enjoyable communications tool to use today

Download: ZoiPPE 1.0