ZoneAlarm ForceField

by admin January 30, 2008 at 3:49 pm

ZoneAlarm ForceField is a new kind of security product built entirely around the browsing experience. ZoneAlarm ForceField creates a virtual you, like a stunt double, for your Internet sessions on any PC, anywhere, anytime.

Feature summary:
· Virtualized surfing – Creates a “bubble of security” around your browsing session that works two ways: it protects your PC from Web site threats such as drive-by downloads; and protects your browsing session from threats on your PC
· Seamless use – surf as you always do without any special knowledge required and no interruptions
· Keylogger jamming – protects your browsing, banking and shopping by disabling keyloggers/screengrabbers that may reside on your PC
· Anti-spyware scanning during your browsing session to protect you as you bank and shop
· Phishing and fraudulent Web site warning and protection
· Dangerous download scanning and protection
· Private browsing to completely erase your surfing tracks from your PC (not yet in the beta)
· Svelte proportions – ForceField can be deployed to any PC within about 30 seconds in its Instant ForceField form (not available in current beta), making it convenient for on-the-go use on shared public computers.

Download: ZoneAlarm ForceField