Zumobi for Windows Mobile Beta

by admin November 14, 2007 at 10:25 pm

Zumobi (formerly known as ZenZui) is a new, versatile and free application which allows you to easily discover, enjoy and share web-based content on your mobile phone.

Once upon a time, pre-Zumobi, mobile browsing went something like this: Navigate through a long list of web sites selected by a complete stranger. Pick one and wait…then, read a few lines and scroll down down down down down, deeper into the abyss of mobile web boredom. Tedious. Painful. Then you have to repeat the process for the next bit of information you’re interested in. Ultimately, it’s an underwhelming experience.

Enter Zumobi. Conceived in the research lab by experts in human-computer interaction and data visualization, and refined over three years of development, Zumobi represents an entirely new way to experience the internet on your phone.

Download: Zumobi for Windows Mobile Beta