Disclib 2.0.50

Disclib is a CD collection organizer program. It may be used as a catalogue of CDs. After creating the catalogue, disclib stores file and folder names and tree, allows user to categorize folders and files, and allows searching all the files from the collection CDs without need to place them in CD reader. Disclib may place in the catalogue any windows folder not only folders on CDs. Disclib has a customizable Multilanguage functionality. The program also extracts mp3 info. Main Features: … [Read more...]

mcat 0.3.1

mcat is a cataloging tool for multimedia CD/DVD collections. This is its primary target, as it provides some specialized features for multimedia, but it can be used to catalog any bytes stored on a removable device or on the hard disk. mcat can help you organize your multimedia collection by: - scanning removable media (like DVDs or CDs) or hard disk folders and storing file structure for offline browsing and searching - providing you with extra valuable info for audio/video … [Read more...]

Gentibus CD 1.48

If you use many removable disks such as cdroms, you know that it is sometimes very difficult to find a file among all these drives. The only solution consists in inserting each one in your computer and to use the files manager to research your file. This operation, if you have more than ten disks, can take a very long time... Gentibus CD enables you to scan your removable drives or photo CDs and store thumbnail images of the pictures on your PC. The software offers special browsers to … [Read more...]


Subdownloader is a Free Open Source tool written in PYTHON for automatic download/upload subtitles for videofiles (DIVX,MPEG,AVI,etc) and DVD's using fast hashing. Features: - No spyware, no adware, source code is available - It uses fast hashing algorithm (27 GB movies/7 seconds) - Search subtitles recursively from your divx folders - Upload entire series seasons subtitles in less than 1 minute - Autodetect language of the subtitles and many more features Download: … [Read more...]

AutoGK (Auto Gordian Knot) 2.55

AutoGK (Auto Gordian Knot) is a tool for DivX / XviD backup utility. With support of DVD sources and other MPEG2 sources (such as DVB captures and transport streams) encoding into your favourite MPEG4 format was never as easy as now! Program features support of: - DVD/VOBs(unencrypted from hdd), MPEG2, MPEG1, transport streams (including multi-program ones) and AVI/DV input sources- XviD or DivX(5/6) output formats- AC3, DTS, PCM, MPA input audio tracks- AC3, DTS, MPA, CBR/VBR MP3 output audio … [Read more...]

DVD Identifier 5.2.0

DVD Identifier retrieves and interprets the pre-recorded information that is present on all DVD+R/+RW and DVD-R/-RW and and DVD-RAM media.This information contains a variety of parameters such as disc manufacturing information and supported write speeds. Even though this information is usually printed on the packaging, the brand name may differ from the actual manufacturer, or there may not be a label at all. DVD Identifier offers a reliable method to identify the disc, regardless of the label … [Read more...]

Blu-ray Region Code Remover 2.5

This program removes Blu-ray region code from Blu-ray rips on a hard disk drive to allow playback regardless of region setting of the player. In addition to Blu-ray region code removing functionality of "Blu-ray Disc Ripper 1.2 for .NET" this program supports removing of region code from Blu-ray titles, which check the region of the player by means of BD-J script (e.g. Fantastic Four 2, Sunshine). Version 2.0 supports removing of region code from ALL current and future Blu-ray titles, both … [Read more...]

Blu-ray Disc Ripper 1.5

Blu-ray Disc Ripper allows you to copy / decrypt / backup a Blu-ray Disc. It can remove Blu-ray region code as well. It is written in Visual Basic and requires Vista or XP with Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 to run. Download: Blu-ray Disc Ripper 1.5 … [Read more...]

LightScribe Simple Labeler

LightScribe Simple Labeler is an intuitive labeling application designed to make your labeling experience faster and more enjoyable. You can express your creativity without being a graphics artist and burn labels in three easy steps. 1. Put in a LightScribe disc label-side down. 2. Enter text in your favorite font and select a border from the free ones provided. 3. Preview your label and burn! Platform Windows, Mac, and Linux. Download: LightScribe Simple Labeler … [Read more...]

Easy Burning 2.03a

Easy Burning is the easiest way to backup your files in a cdr(w). Integrated to the shell (send to) or used as a normal application, EASY Burning works with any CD writer. Write a folder and files, pictures and what ever you want. Easy to use. Create Data CD from a folder. Backup your MP3 collection. Integrated into Shell. send to Integrated into Desktop, Can write CD/DVD in the UDF format. Multissession, Multifolder, Multifile(s) support. Incl. Folder compare and Check-File. This program have … [Read more...]