Ninja Basic 1.8

Ninja Basic - The free phone Ninja Basic offers Audio- and Video telephony for everybody! Get it and start easily... The phone can be configured to all SIP services worldwide and has more than 65 SIP Provider configurations on board. Operating system: Windows 2000/XP/2003 & Vista 32-bit and 64-bit Download: Ninja Basic 1.8 … [Read more...]

Zoiper 2.0

Zoiper is a IAX and SIP softphone for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Its user-friendliness, diversity and richness of features set new standards for functionality and perfection. Choose your operating system, download Zoiper, install it, connect to either a VoIP PBX or any VoIP provider throughout the world and off you go! Zoiper offers great simplicity with enhanced interface to bring a smooth and satisfying VoIP communications experience. Explore the innumerable advantages of VoIP with … [Read more...]

Soonr for PC and Mac

SoonR connects your mobile phone to your Skype account, Outlook, and remote PCs. · Skype from your mobile phone! Your PC is your private operator connecting your calls through Skype. · Use Outlook email, calendar and contacts from your mobile phone. SoonR's application integration makes it easy. · Your phone can search, view, share and forward files from any PC or Mac. Download: Soonr for PC and Mac … [Read more...]

Vbuzzer 2.5.072

Vbuzzer is a software program that is free to download, easy to use and lets you use your computer like a phone. Calls between Vbuzzer users are always free anywhere in the world! So are Ring Tones, Voicemail, call forward and Instant Messaging! When you subscribe to our "Buzz Out" and "Buzz Me" plans you can make and receive calls to mobile and traditional phones. It isn't free, but our Plans and Services offer cheaper rates than traditional carriers and the other competitors! No Adware, No … [Read more...]

AutoSkype 1.1

AutoSkype, is a Skype auto-answer program that can automatically answer Skype calls from selected callers. Features of the AutoSkype. - Automatically answer Skype calls from selected user(s). - The application can run in background (Windows Task Tray). - May be useful for remote video/audio monitoring and surveillance. - No installation required. System Requirements: Windows. Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 installed. Download: AutoSkype 1.1 … [Read more...]

Yakkle 0.5.7

Yakkle is Instant Collaboration. You may have used an instant messaging tool like AIM or Yahoo Chat or Google Talk and know that you can send text messages to your family, friends, co-workers and associates. Yakkle does instant messaging too, but it also allows you to use your PC to transmit your voice to your friends and to share your desktop with them all from within a single application. It's kind of a triple-play. Now you can connect with anyone on the internet, send them a "hi", speak … [Read more...]

VOIP Caller-ID Speak 1.1

VOIP Caller-ID Speak is a talking Caller-ID for your VOIP phone! No VOIP settings to configure or setup, everything is configured automatically, You just select the network card which is connected to the internet. Works for softphones, and will also work for ATA/Router based hardware VOIP phones. The program does not have to run on the computer with your VOIP softphone! It can run on any computer on the network, which shares the same internet connection as your VOIP softphone, or hardware … [Read more...]

Gizmo for Nokia

Save money making Internet calls with your WiFi Nokia phone. It is easier than ever, simply download and install Gizmo and choose "Internet Call" when making calls. Your calls will be connected via the Internet, not the cellular network, so you save money on international calling, roaming fees and use less mobile minutes. Key Features: - Simple Install and setup with a phone optimized Quick Start - Ultra cheap calls to landlines and mobile phones - Web based Account Management optimized … [Read more...]

Skype Email Toolbar

This toolbar brings all your Skype and email contacts together in one handy place. That means you'll be able to call Skype contacts who email you and make SkypeOut calls to your email contacts who aren't on Skype yet, all through the toolbar. You can also use the Skype Email Toolbar to: · Call Skype Names and phone numbers written in emails· See when your contacts are online· Start instant message conversations to follow up emails· Add a Skype Button to your email signature, so other … [Read more...]

voipax 1.0

voipax is the new way to make worldwide phone calls! It´s so simple and totally free for calls to all other voipax users. Just download the voipax client and start. The download and the voipax client are for free! You only have to register! Features: • free calls to all voipax users (voipax client) • free calls to certain destinations (voipax client and voipax instant) • extreme low rates for all other countries (voipax client and voipax instant) • No Spyware, … [Read more...]