AMD Launches 8 New CPUs Ahead of Windows 7 Debut, Targets SFF PCs

by admin October 20, 2009 at 3:54 pm

Six new low power CPUs and two new Athlon II X3 CPUs coming soon

While AMD doesn’t have the fastest CPUs in the world anymore, it still offers some very powerful processors at some very competitive prices. It recently launched the first quad-core CPUs for less than $100, and today they are launching eight new CPUs that the company thinks will provide excellent value against the Blue Team’s offerings.

AMD is launching the first Athlon II X3 CPUs at 2.9GHz and 2.7GHz. It is also launching six new low-power CPUs; two each from the Athlon II X4, X3, and X2 families. They all have a Thermal Design Power of 45W, 50W less than the regular 95W requirements of most Athlon II X4 and X3 CPUs. There are some significant reduction in clock speed, but AMD is aiming for a different market than regular desktop users.

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