AOL Launches Next-Gen VoIP-IM Service

by admin September 21, 2005 at 10:09 am

Instant messaging by definition is all about messaging. It’s now indisputably about Voice over IP too, thanks to a new VoIP service and new Triton IM preview client announced today by America Online.

AOL said its Total Talk VoIP service, which will be available on October 4th in the US and Canada, offering full featured VoIP services to broadband users of any broadband service.

Total Talk is the successor to AOL Internet Phone, which was a VoIP service just for users of AOL. Total Talk offers the typical range of of residential VoIP services such as Caller Id, E911, three-way calling and a web based dashboard for call and voice mail management.

Not all of what AOL Total Talk is offering is typical VoIP fare though.

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