by admin January 12, 2009 at 2:05 pm

PPWIZARD is a free generic text manipulation tool which most people use as a html preprocessor. It is powerful and yet easy to use. If you know what server side includes are then you could think of ppwizard as a “super SSI”. Preprocessors allow you to easily include external files (to include html files such as common html headers, footers or navigation) or perhaps to include the result of external commands or SQL queries. They also enable more complex things such as defining email and web addresses in one location and reusing these throughout your site or creating more complex macros which can make decisions for themselves as to how html should be generated. PPWIZARD also allows for data import in various formats (e.g. SQL from a large number of databases including MS Access, CSV, fixed and other formats). While PPWIZARD can be used on a server (CGI etc) it is more frequently used to generate static pages, and unlike SSI there are no server requirements or performance hits. Note that ppwizard can generate static pages for tasks where others might normally need to use dynamic page generation.

PPWIZARD’s main aims are to be flexible, promote reuse and to allow you to automate just about anything. Common tasks such as the calculation of image sizes for “IMG” tags or the addition of last modified dates and times can easily be automated.

Another advantage is that it allows a webmaster to comment their site as much as they wish and automatically remove these as well as excess leading spaces when the pages are “published” (this leads to better download times as well as encouraging the use of comments and indenting). PPWIZARD leaves html comments alone and by default removes any line that begins with “;” making it much easier to add comments.

You will not find a better preprocessor no matter how much money you are prepared to pay! If you look at other preprocessors you will notice that there are no add-ons available. It would be impossible to create most of the add-ons that are available for ppwizard in these tools. Not only is ppwizard the most powerful preprocessor available but I also believe it to be the easiest to use.

Download: PPWIZARD 08.298 Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP, Mac OS X, Unix, BeOS, FreeBSD, DOS, OS/2