RAMspeed 2.6.0

RAMspeed is a free open source command line utility to measure cache and memory performance of computer systems, changes as well. It has evolved successfully from v1.00 released in November of 2002 as a result of my personal amusement containing about 100 lines of C code to produce one simple benchmark, to the latest versions written in assembly language mostly. There are 3 hardware platforms supported (i386, amd64, alpha) and several most popular UNIX-like operating systems. A quite popular DOS … [Read more...]

Kludget Engine 0.9.4 Beta

Kludgets is a widget engine. Dashboard compatible, opensource, webkit based, QT Nokia based. There are thousands of widgets, gadgets, applets, screenlets on the internet developed by thousands of developers. A lot of them are pretty cool and useful. But a majority are klumsily made, lame, ugly in design, dumb and inefficient, but still good enough because they function. The Kludget Engine allows developers to continue to kludge away HTML, Flash, Javascript, XML to create desktop widgets or … [Read more...]

Anolis Resourcer 0.8.9 Beta

Anolis Resourcer is a flexible Resource Hacker that exceeds the venerable ResHacker's capabilities in many areas, including support for x64 executables, Vista and Windows 7's MUI files, and 256x256 PNG icon support. It's GPL software. You can use Anolis Resourcer to assist in the creation of Anolis Packages which can be installed with the Installer. Download: Anolis Resourcer 0.8.9 Beta … [Read more...]

OffiSync Beta

OffiSync Bringing the power of Google to Microsoft Office Collaborate with others With one click, enable multiple people to view and make changes at the same time to your office document. Store your documents online Backup your files online and access your information from any computer. Publish and share your documents Publish information through your social networks and blogs. Integrated Google Search and Image Search Search for web content or images and import them into your … [Read more...]

Omega Windows Recovery Agent 2.0 Beta

The Omega Windows Recovery Agent (Omega CE) has been specially designed to effectively neutralize malicious processes from outside the Windows NT Operating System. End-User functionality includes reading, writing, searching, and interpreting the contents of an NTFS formatted disk. This is the freeware beta version made available for non-commercial use only. Required Dependencies · Microsoft Windows NT, XP, 2003, or Vista OS · Microsoft .NET Framework version 2.0 Redistributable · … [Read more...]

Joost for iPhone 1.1.1

Watch what your friends are watching with Joost Joost is a new way to watch videos – TV shows, music videos, movies and more – over the Internet. And now – with the Joost App for the iPhone and iPod touch – you have thousands of hours of top TV shows, music videos and music at your fingertips – on the go! Not sure what to watch today? There are plenty of options! · Browse by category, like anime, comedy, drama or sci-fi · Check out the "Most Popular" videos to see what … [Read more...]

HostsMan 3.2.71 Beta 7

HostsMan is a freeware hosts file manager and editor. Features · Automatic update of hosts file · Enable/Disable hosts file · Built-in hosts editor · Scan hosts for errors, duplicates and possible hijacks · Hosts file backup manager · Exclusion list · Local HTTP server · Freeware Requirements: Windows 98SE, Me, 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista Download: HostsMan 3.1.57 | HostsMan 3.2.71 Beta 7 … [Read more...]

SoundMaven 0.8 Beta

Have you ever had files like “Unknown artist - unknown track.mp3″? SoundMaven can recognize music files by its content using an “acoustic fingerprint” technology or find missing tags, e.g. find an album title if only artist and track tags are present. If the album title is known (or detected), SoundMaven will automatically download and display album art (currently from Amazon.com and Discogs). Download: SoundMaven 0.8 Beta … [Read more...]