TeamTalk 4.0

by admin March 22, 2010 at 9:08 am

TeamTalk is a voice conferencing application (or internet phone). TeamTalk allows you to talk to friends and colleagues using the internet as audio carrier. With TeamTalk any number of people can participate in a conversation and is only limited by the bandwidth you have available. Each user can choose his or her own audio quality which also determines the throughput required to each user. TeamTalk allows a throughput between 560 – 5850 bytes/sec. per user (so make sure those unlucky ones with a 56K modem are able to receive at your selected audio quality).

• Supports 8, 16 and 32 KHz audio for both low- and high-bandwidth users.
• Low lag by using audio broadcasting and no buffering.
• Throughput between 560 bytes/sec. and 5850 bytes/sec. per user.
• Channels with topics and passwords.
• Share files with other users in your channel.
• Hotkeys and voice activation.
• Individual volume.
• Positioning of participants using 3D sound.
• Unicode-enabled to support multiple languages.

Works on Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and Pocket PC

Download: TeamTalk 4.0 for Windows

Download: TeamTalk server daemon for Linux and FreeBSD

Download: Tiny TeamTalk 3.1 for Pocket PC