Tweetie 1.2.4

by admin November 21, 2009 at 7:42 pm

Tweetie is a Twitter Client for Mac.


Double click on a tweet to view not only that tweet, but the entire conversation history leading up to that tweet. Never lose track of a conversation again.

Independent compose windows stay out of your way until you need them. Have as many open at a time as you’d like while you compose your thoughts. Everything has a keyboard shortcut, (Command-Enter will send a tweet).

Search Trends
See what’s hot on Twitter right now, then search for the most recent tweets on those popular topics with a single click.

Threaded DM’s
Have a real private conversation over Twitter with your Direct Messages displayed just like a real chat. Reply with a single click, and never lose track of who said what.

User Details
Drill down to a users details, see not only their tweets, but tweets in reply to them as well. Check out their favorites, bio and manage your following with a handy action menu.

Torn Off Search
Want to keep track of an important phrase or idea? Just start a search, then go to Window -> Open in New Window to tear that search off into its own window. Put it anywhere you’d like, and watch as the freshest tweets come in.

Sharing links with Tweetie is a cinch. Install the bookmarklet, and then when you find a cool webpage, all it takes is a single click from your browser to share that link with the world.

Make Tweetie work the way you want. Configure what you want to be notified of, choose your favorite URL shortener and image hosting service. Set up as many accounts as you’d like! Tweetie has the best multiple account implementation around.

You can download the free version, which is ad-supported, and try it out for as long as you want.

System requirements: G4, G5 or Intel Mac. Mac OS X 10.5.

Download: Tweetie 1.2.4