Yahoo brings party planning to your cell phone

by admin December 1, 2006 at 4:20 am

Yahoo has delved into the growing world of mobile social networking with “Mixd,” a newly introduced service geared at new-media-savvy youths.

But Mixd, launched Thursday, isn’t really social networking in the traditional sense. You aren’t creating a profile a la MySpace and striving to build a bigger and better-looking friends list. Rather, it’s like cattle herding for the partygoer sector: you use Yahoo’s service to organize a group of your friends for a “Mixer” (a party or night out), coordinating it all through text and picture messages.

Mixd is geared toward sociable young people who are already avid text messengers, said Scott Gatz of Yahoo’s Advanced Products Group. “The mobile phone is like a piece of their body,” he said. “It’s inseparable from them.”

But traditional text-messaging, has its limitations. “It’s great for point-to-point, one person to one person, but there’s no concept of ‘reply all,'” Gatz added. Mixd aims to ease the organization of parties, bar outings, study groups, football game excursions, and the like.

Once a “Mixer” is formed, members of the group–who do not need to have Yahoo accounts–can message each other in both text and picture formats, and a log of the entire Mixer is posted at a corresponding Web page.

Full article: C|NET